Monday, December 08, 2014

Re-watching ‘Mad Men’: S2/Ep2, “Flight 1”

Another “Mad Men” episode based around a national crisis, this time a crashed American Airlines flight. The tragedy has both personal and professional ramifications at Sterling Cooper: Duck gets a call from American that makes him think they have a shot at the business—if they dump current airline client Mohawk; Pete, meanwhile, discovers his father was one of the hundred passengers who perished in the crash. The episode is beautifully shot, with pacing and cinematography somewhere between a stage play and a Francis Ford Coppola movie. I thought I remembered all the best “Mad Men” episodes without having to look them up, but this one slipped through my fingers. Every single scene is fantastic, and it was the biggest surprise thus far of this project.

Best Scene: After learning of his father’s death, Pete wanders into Don’s office (as Bert said last season: “You never know where loyalty is born.”). Pete experiences his shock out loud, talking not really to Don but at him, like a lost boy. Don’s ironic advice: Go home and be with your family. “It’s what people do.”

Best Line: Kinsey to Joan: “You’re just jealous.” Joan: “Because you’re the one who got away? You, out there in your poor little rich-boy apartment in Newark or wherever. Walking around with your pipe and your beard. Falling in love with that girl just to show how interesting you are. Go ahead, what part is wrong?” 

Grade: A