Sunday, August 23, 2009

One-Liners: Music Reviews 2009

It’s been a busy summer, obvious from the state of this neglected site. I’ve started several music reviews over the past few months but just haven’t had the time/energy to finish them. So here’s one-line reviews of a bunch of CDs I bought so far this year.

“Everyday Demons,” The Answer
Retro hard rock that’s fun … for a little while.
Grade: C+

“Keep It Hid,” Dan Auerbach
Better than the last Black Keys album.
Grade: A-

“Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King,” Dave Matthews Band
A stunning return to form.
Grade: A-

“Horehound,” The Dead Weather
I have no idea what to make of this yet.
Grade: TBD

“Together Through Life,” Bob Dylan
For Dylan-philes only.
Grade: B-

“Ghost Notes,” Everest
I wanted to love this album.
Grade: B-

“Tonight:,” Franz Ferdinand
Made no impression whatsoever—perhaps they’ve run their course.
Grade: C+

“Glasvegas,” Glasvegas
Lots of hype, little payoff.
Grade: D

“The Mountain,” Heartless Bastards
Like early Neil Young—only female.
Grade: B+

“A Positive Rage,” The Hold Steady
Makes me like these guys even more.
Grade: A-

“Music from the North Country: The Jayhawks Anthology,” The Jayhawks
I missed out on them.
Grade: A-

“Changing Horses,” Ben Kweller
A bit too country.
Grade: C

“Mean Everything to Nothing,” Manchester Orchestra
Can’t decide if I like this or not … especially the singer’s voice.
Grade: TBD

“Red of Tooth and Claw,” Murder by Death
Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions Band—on steroids. Album of the year?
Grade: A

“Music from the Motion Picture Slumdog Millionaire”
I like the music more than the movie itself. O … Saya!!!
Grade: B+

“Never Better,” P.O.S.
I can hardly keep up with this guy, but I like what I can catch.
Grade: B

“Swoon,” Silversun Pickups
More of the same isn’t good in this case.
Grade: B-

“No Line on the Horizon,” U2
Their best album—start to finish—since “Achtung Baby.”
Grade: A-

“Wilco (the album),” Wilco
Jay Bennett, you are missed. I’m assuming these songs sound better in concert.
Grade: B


Kevin said...

I'm surprised to see the review of "No Line on the Horizon" after haring mixed reviews from everywhere else. I am going to have to find a way to give it a listen. Very exciting news.

J_Schooly said...

It doesn't have any instant-classic U2 songs (thought several come close), so it doesn't go quite as high as ATYCLB or HTDAAB. But on the other hand there aren't any total clunkers like those albums have. So, on balance, it's a better "album" than the last two, definitely.