Friday, August 01, 2014

Re-watching ‘Mad Men’: S1/Ep3, “Marriage of Figaro”

This is an episode divided in two: the first half is spent with the Menken’s account, the second in the Draper home. It sets up the key dichotomy of Don’s life—at home he’s living the life he’s “supposed” to be, but he is in no way suited for it. After kissing Rachel Menken on the rooftop of her store the night before, he wakes up to the domestic chores of Sally’s birthday party. As he gets progressively drunker, we get a peek inside Matthew Weiner’s depressing view of suburban married/family life, where the divorcee is ridiculed mercilessly and the men are all scum. All of this is, once again, laid on a little thick. Oh, and the ep opens with the surprise that Don Draper was, at one point, known by the name Dick Whitman.

Best Scene: After passing out in his car, Don wakes up hours after the birthday party ends, parked under a bridge.

Best Line: Francine, looking at Don out the window: “That man.” Betty: “I know.”

Grade: B

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