Monday, March 08, 2010

CD of the Day: ‘Superunknown,’ Soundgarden (1994)

The first three tracks on Soundgarden’s masterwork comprise one of the best runs of any album from the ’90s. It doesn’t get much more awesome than “Let Me Drown,” “My Wave,” and the clincher, “Fell on Black Days.”

And that’s just the first 14 minutes. Still to come: “Superunknown,” “Black Hole Sun,” “Spoonman,” and “The Day I Tried to Live.” The breadth and depth of this record still amazes.

My only quibble is what I call the “dirge” songs: “Mailman,” “Head Down,” “Limo Wreck,” “4th of July,” and “Like Suicide” all feature a variation of a dark, electric growl that sounds a little too similar when heard all in one sitting. “4th of July” is my clear favorite of this group, and none are unsatisfactory on their own, but leaving one as a b-side might have been a good idea. But this minor complaint is more than made up for by the disc’s perfect sequencing and pacing; “Superunknown” is never boring, even now after hundreds of spins.

Grade: A-

Favorite Track: “Fell on Black Days”

Other Favorite Track: “The Day I Tried to Live”

Least Favorite Track: “Like Suicide”

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